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Strange Behavior

Well, it’s officially January in Kansas, which means the weather here is sucking our will to live. A new blanket of snow was thrown over our dreams of escape, two days ago, and the cabin fever is not so much the log cabin type, as it [...]

Plunged Into Darkness

They say the hardest thing about raising children is remembering to bathe them four times a year. No, maybe that was three times a year. Before June, but after July? No matter, I’m here to tell you, the hardest thing about raising children [...]

No Date Night For You

I’ve always felt that the strongest marriages are built on miscommunication. Experts disagree, but it’s only through gross amounts of misinterpreted verbal exchange we see one of the party gets left out of plans to have fun and [...]

Percolating Betrayal

I’m not sure if I ever mentioned it, but my dear companion, Mr. Coffee, died suddenly a while back. Exactly. If that can happen here, it can happen in you house too. I’ll let you process your shock quietly before we move on. Breathe. Now [...]

Mr. Fix It

Well, the bets are in, and in the race to break first, the dryer beat out the van, the other car, and microwave by a long shot. Don’t worry, all other appliances are still putting in the effort to quit working, but we’re really [...]

To Brave the Deck

You joined me just in time. At this moment, I’m watching justice doled out in the form of an irate toddler in a tutu trying desperately to whack her brother with the fin of her mermaid doll, in the attempt to ward him off from chasing [...]

An Unwelcome Guest

Morning Readers, I just killed my first spider of the day, and, although it was a little unnerving to hear, “There’s a spider on the couch,” while staring into space in the bathroom, the situation has been dealt with and Summer [...]

An Attic Fan

“When the fan broke, I set up camp next to this wagon wheel. Not much cooler, but there’s lots of spokes emphasize the rustic quality of my button downs.” Morning Readers, You know what I love more than Strawberry [...]

Are They Dead Yet?

Well, the season’s upon us. Sandal season? No, but you’ll find those flip flops will come in really handy when the realization the spiders have woken up sinks in. I’ll give you a moment. I’m not sure what things are [...]

And Now, Why I Don’t Open the Door…

In case you’re wondering, yes, the amount of chocolate that’s been eaten around here, within the last twenty-four hours is obscene. The twins have also eaten their fare share. But, reasons for my hands shaking aside, Easter for [...]