Music Submission for DND Worldwide single Panthers Hornets

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I’m Rashaun “Scmoove” Pringle of Hole in the Wall Ent. (HITWE) and I’m interested in getting  DND Worldwide more exposure. Here is our single, “Panthers-Hornets” (Currently on Itunes, Google Play, Amazon Music and several other online distributors)! DND, rapper/producer, was born and raised in Charlotte NC. DND is a new school artist with old school values, so reality rap/head nodding riding music is his forte.


Panthers Hornets is not a sports anthem but an anthem for Charlotte NC natives, implants, past visitors and both Carolinas! It gives insight to anyone who wants to know, what life is like the Queen City (QC)/Carolinas! When the instrumentation drops, a scene of suspense is being painted before the first words are uttered! With a refreshing perspective and sound, Panthers Hornets gives the audience something that they can hitch their cart too!! Panthers Hornets is only a continuation of great songs that DND has in the catalog.

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