Moonlight Events and PR Go Fund Me Campaign


There’s just 6 days left in the ‪#‎fundraising‬ ‪#‎campaign‬. We’re only at $564 of our $5,000 goal. If each person that sees this ‪#‎post‬ gives $5 and shares through ‪#‎email‬, ‪#‎text‬, or ‪#‎socialmedia‬, ‪#‎together‬ we can reach $5,000 by July 18th!



Every $5 counts! So ‪#‎join‬ in ‪#‎support‬ today and ‪#‎give‬. gofund.me/moonlight_eventspr



If you are able to give more, that’s great!  If you’re only able to give $5, that’s great! No limit on how often you can donate. Offline (mailed or in-person) donations are also an option! Just reply back to this email for more information.



Please donate and ask others to support also. Whether supporting small businesses, entrepreneurship, women/minority businesses, community support, helping a struggling couple, helping single parents, making your own way, or just following your dreams resonates with you; I believe anyone can and will find a reason to support this campaign!



Link: gofund.me/moonlight_eventspr


Enjoy the promo video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxUH0ZdwHas  created for the campaign and share.

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